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MEAVRS Uveitis Course


Since one of the MEACO goals is to promote scientific ophthalmic education in affiliated countries, MEACO took the initiative to organize a MEAVRS Uveitis course to be one of MEAVRS signature courses in the Middle East and Africa region.

The first course was conducted during the 10th MEACO Congress in Bahrain in 2009. The course witnessed a huge success in terms of attendance and feedback. The first course was organized by Dr. Ahmed Abu Asrar, who was joined by an international faculty. In 2010, MEAVRS conducted its 2nd uveitis course which was organized by Dr. Hassan El-Dhibi from Saudi Arabia and joined by Prof. Moncef Khairalla from Tunisia and Dr. Carl Herbort from Swizerland.


Program objectives:

By the end of the program the candidates should acquire the following:
  • Understanding the basics of uveitis
  • Review of the classification and common forms of ocular inflammations in the MEACO region
  • Approach to a uveitis patient, including history taking and proper examination
  • Choice of investigations needed and relevant to the specific form of uveitis
  • Reaching the differential diagnosis
  • Latest advancements in uveitis management


Program Outline

  • Introduction to uveitis, epidemiology & classification
  • Clinical examination and work-up
  • Imaging in uveitis
  • Uveitis entities relevant to MEACO region
    1. Anterior uveitis
      1. Non Granulomatous
        1. B27 uveitis
        2. Other causes of NG uveitis
      2. Granulomatous
        1. Herpes uveitis
        2. Fuchs uveitis
      3. Intermediate uveitis
      4. Posterior & Panuveitis
        1. Ocular Behçet
        2. Toxoplasmosis
        3. TB
        4. Sarcoidosis
        5. VKH
        6. Birdshot
        7. Choricapillaropathies (formerly white dot syndromes)
  • Uveitis Management
    1. Local therapy
    2. Systemic therapy
    3. Management of CMO


Target Audience

  1. Ophthalmologists in training
  2. General Ophthalmologists and primary eye care providers
  3. Uveitis experts and Retina specialists
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